May 2011 Issue  


WELCOME to the inaugural issue of the AFCA-BC monthly newsletter! I would like to thank our 'Young Guns' - Julius, Paolo and RJ - for undertaking this project so as to provide one more tool for AFCAns to communicate, share ideas, and be connected with one another. This is very much an ongoing project so we welcome your suggestions and ideas on how to make this tool more effective and interactive for every AFCAn. In the coming issues, we intend to publish links to useful articles and websites relating to the accounting, finance and tax issues, both personal and business. The newsletter will also serve as a link to our website to keep you informed on our upcoming activities and events.

Mel Cruz, President

Open House
Have you ever wondered who your fellow AFCA-BC members are? Wonder no more! The AFCA-BC Open House is your chance to meet fellow members and find out more about what this organization is all about. Follow this link to view the flyer and details for this not-to-be-missed event: AFCA-BC Open House Flyer.

Most of you have probably been to the AFCA-BC website before but for those that haven't, this is the best place to stay connected and to keep updated on what's happening in the world of AFCA-BC. Link: http://www.afca-bc.org.

Looking for more ways to connect with your fellow members? Our website team has been working on rolling out a messageboard for use by all AFCAns. For those who are not familiar with messageboards, it is an exciting new communication tool that facilitates discussion between members of a group or organization. Stay tuned for more news on when the messageboard will be officially online.

If you have any articles (written by yourself or by others) or links to articles that you would like to share, we would like to hear from you! We also welcome any notices and announcements from members. You may email your articles, notices or announcements to
newsletter@afca-bc.org to be published in a future issue of the newsletter.

Editor-in-Chief: Julius Arganda
Newsletter Advisor: Mel Cruz
Newsletter Design: Paolo Sanchez
Technical Support: Raphael Roxas