• The Association of Filipino Canadian Accountants in British Columbia (AFCA-BC), was successfully established in Vancouver, B.C. in 2008. AFCA-BC finally became a reality through the hard work and perseverance of its founding members in 2007: Angelito Aurellado, Vance Noriega, Mel and Carmen Cruz, Cecilio Sanchez, Thelma Siglos and Meredith Yu.

  • For a number of years, the NCPACA and FAACPA (Filipino American Association of Certified Public Accountants in Washington State), have aspired for the establishment of a Vancouver chapter. Diplomatic work by FAACPA past presidents Vance Noriega and Ben Pascual and assistance from AFCA Toronto past president Bobby dela Cruz forged good relationships in Vancouver and eventually brought traction to the formation of the AFCA-BC chapter. With the capable and dynamic leadership of Thelma Siglos as the first president, the group of 7 developed the chapter's structure, vision, and first year activities.

  • The first major event was a joint spring professional development workshop with FAACPA on May 17, 2008 for a total of 57 attendees. It was a highly successful across-the-border event and a needed initial fundraiser and promotion for AFCA-BC. As a result, AFCA-BC is gaining recognition within the local community. Current membership consists of 30 regular members and 5 auxiliary members.

  • In the year 2009, under the leadership of Cecil Sanchez, AFCA-BC hosted an Induction Dinner and Dance event on February 21, a summer BBQ on July 18, a Fall Professional Development Workshop on Oct 17, and a Christmas Potluck on Dec. 28. AFCA-BC also participated in a partnership with ISS-BC (Immigrant Services Society of BC) in mentoring new Filipino immigrant accountants.